May 2012

Exellior training

For a few months now, I’ve been participating in the Exellior sales/behavior training. The training was organized by my work and is meant to make people aware of how certain behavior can affect others in a positive or negative way.

The training is originally used for salesmen, but there are a lot of things that can be applied in everyday live.

Last Thursday I received my certificate.

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New YouTube video: Age Progression Morph compare single year

A few years after making my first age progression morph video, I decided to make a second, up to date version.
This time, I’m changing a few things to improve the video:

  • Rending the morph at a higher resolution.
  • Using better codecs to encode the age morph and the resulting video.
  • Making sure the faces are about the same in size.
  • Paying more attention to individual details as they transform (eyes, nose, chin, etc)
  • Using a higher fps for the videos.

These improvements will make the transformation a lot better looking, but also take a lot more time to create. To give a preview, I made this video to show the extend of the improvement.

When the new video is ready, it will be posted on this page.

New YouTube video: Age Progression Morph compare single year Read More »