Hightech ICT family day

Last Saturday was family day at Hightech ICT! Employees and close family were invited to go on a quest through the city.

The quest was based on the movie “the game” and was organized quite nicely. It started with us getting texts from unknown numbers, a few days before Saturday. The texts were quite random, and at first I thought it was a wrong number. The day after that I got a text from my own number!! After discussing it at work, it seemed that my colleagues got the same kind of weird texts, and we connected the dots.

The day itself started with us getting a key to a safe containing a suitcase with mobile phone, gps tracker and other neat gadgets. We had to use them in various assignments that were giving to us. The assignments took us all over the city and while we were doing them we got texts saying things that could only be known if we were followed, making the experience complete!

We concluded with the publishing of the score and a nice barbeque. Very well organized and fun day for all ages!

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