Retro Black & White Game Pack

Yesterday I submitted my first Windows Phone game, and today it got posted in the Microsoft apps marketplace! It is not possible to give you a direct link, but if you look for “Retro Black & White Game Pack” you will find it. The publisher is named as JaLaCom.

The game is actually a combination of three simple games in one application! It contains variants on the famous games pong, snake and seesaw.

Now the game is $1.00, but I am also planning on releasing a free trial version. When the trial is done I’ll post an update on my blog.


The retro black & white game pack contains:

  • Bouncy, a fun pong-like game that allows you to play against your phone in single player mode, or against a friend in multiplayer mode.
  • Snaily, which resembles the classic snake game.
  • Plankmen, a game based on the old seesaw game. Can you reach all the points on the ceiling?