Design Patterns

The past 3 day’s I have had a course in design patterns. Even though I already have quite some experience with design patterns, I decided to formalize my knowledge and use the course as a refresher.

I have to say, I found it quite useful. The first day was not very interesting as it was very basic. But day 2 and 3 went more in depth and were very interesting. I really left with the feeling that I learned something, and that I will better be able to apply this to my everyday work.

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Effective Influencing

Yesterday was the first day of the training “effective influencing”. A training I’ve had my eye on even when I was participating in the “Professional communication” training.
My main goal during this training is to get a better handle on maneuvering through the political landscapes of the organisation.

I must say I’m very pleased with the first day of the training. Our trainer, Erik Bos is very good at sensing and addressing difficulties. I’m looking forward to the next training day, where we will get the help of a trainer actor to practice specific situations.

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Last Tuesday our team participated in a training called “insights”. It is a training designed to identify strong points and weak points throughout a team, and to see how good the team is balanced.
Before the day arrives, every team member has to fill in a questionnaire with around 20 questions. Based on that, a profile is automatically generated.

To be honest I was quite surprised about the result at first. Even though the questions were not very specific, the profile was quite correct indeed! Of course there were some mistakes, but that is understandable. I think every team member could identify with the profile that had been generated for them.

When all profiles were combined, it turned out our team was in near perfect balance, something that was quite rare. This is probably why we work so good together as a team!

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Thoughts on Training “Professional Communication”

Yesterday I’ve had the training professional communication. When looking for a course in the Vanderlande Accademy dialog, I wanted to pick Effective Influencing. However, the precondition for this training was professional communication.

To be honest I wasn’t sure exactly what I expected from it, but I was a bit concerned it would have a lot of overlap with the Excellior training I’ve had at Hightech ICT.

It turns out this is true, but I still find it useful as a reminder of some skills, and some good additional practice.

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