Retro Black & White Game Pack

Yesterday I submitted my first Windows Phone game, and today it got posted in the Microsoft apps marketplace! It is not possible to give you a direct link, but if you look for “Retro Black & White Game Pack” you will find it. The publisher is named as JaLaCom.

The game is actually a combination of three simple games in one application! It contains variants on the famous games pong, snake and seesaw.

Now the game is $1.00, but I am also planning on releasing a free trial version. When the trial is done I’ll post an update on my blog.


The retro black & white game pack contains:

  • Bouncy, a fun pong-like game that allows you to play against your phone in single player mode, or against a friend in multiplayer mode.
  • Snaily, which resembles the classic snake game.
  • Plankmen, a game based on the old seesaw game. Can you reach all the points on the ceiling?

Graduation project online!

It took me some time, but I finally finished all the movies I wanted to make about my graduation project. They are currently visible on YouTube. Note that not all video’s are provided with annotations yet. Once I have time I will make sure they are provided.

Besides the movies I also update my graduation project page. The technical details are not yet available. These will be posted as soon as my thesis is officially published. Once this is done, I will also upload the thesis itself.

“For my graduation project, I was an intern at a company called Memoria Media and worked on the V.I.P. (video internet pipeline) project as project leader, architect and developer.

The V.I.P. framework is a framework that enables custom build logic pipelines to run on multiple computers. The framework first forms a cloud with the provided computers, after which it will distribute individual nodes from a provided pipeline on it. The distribution will be done depending on the logic that the nodes execute, and the hardware running on the individual computers in the cloud.

The main goal of the V.I.P. framework is to make digital video processing easier to distribute over multiple computers. Of course it can also be used for other purposes.”