Video Editing

New YouTube video: Age Progression Morph compare single year

A few years after making my first age progression morph video, I decided to make a second, up to date version.
This time, I’m changing a few things to improve the video:

  • Rending the morph at a higher resolution.
  • Using better codecs to encode the age morph and the resulting video.
  • Making sure the faces are about the same in size.
  • Paying more attention to individual details as they transform (eyes, nose, chin, etc)
  • Using a higher fps for the videos.

These improvements will make the transformation a lot better looking, but also take a lot more time to create. To give a preview, I made this video to show the extend of the improvement.

When the new video is ready, it will be posted on this page.

Age Progression Morph

A project I wanted to do for a long time. Using pictures from all ages and a program that enabled me to make transitions between those pictures I constructed a movie in which I transformed from a baby to a 19 year old guy:

In the video below you can see how one transition is made. This was done for every year. Eventually all transitions were edited together using Adobe Premiere Pro. The Morphing software is called MorphMan.

Making of Age Progression Morph

While cleaning up my pc I noticed that when I made the video Age Progression Morph I also recorded how I made one of the transitions. Today i decided to render the material and post it on YouTube.

Using a program called MorphMan, I made animated transitions between every picture that is visible in the movie. Eventually all transitions were edited together using Adobe Premiere Pro.