Getting Moore from multi-cores

Some time ago I decited to apply for the summerschool “getting Moore from multi-cores”. Today I received comformation that I am accepted to the course. I’m quite excited since I went to the summerschool “5 talen in 5 dagen” last year, which was organised by the same people, and very interesting.

To quote their website:
“This summer school explores the changing face of computer systems and will provide you with new programming skills in getting the most from the current trend to multi-core architecture. Technology constrains mean it is no longer feasible to increase clock rates in newer generations of processors. Instead Moore’s law now dictates the doubling of the number of cores in each new generation of processor chip. Multi-core architecture is now common in both standard CPUs (central processing unit) and in GPUs (graphics processing unit).

During this week you will be introduced to new concepts in concurrent programming, introduced to new languages and you will get to grips with programming hundreds of cores in several different architectures.”

I will post an update about my experience later.

For more information on the summerschool: