New project at work

Since the Adapto team has been growing steadily, and more and more components are finished, we now have the luxury of focusing more on tools around the main product.
One of those tools is an Emulator which is used by developers to emulate a real life situation (shuttles, lifts, P&D’s etc). The current status of the emulator is not so great, since no one has the time to work on it.
That has changed now: I have been asked to develop and support this emulator now.
Again, there are a lot of threading issues in the current version. After having “proven” myself with RUDP, I think this is the main reason I’ve been selected for this job.

After having had a quick look through the code I see a lot of potential. Currently, threads are being used “to use threads”, while I see no reason to use them at all. I am confident that this product will run a lot more stable and a lot faster after all this overhead has been cleaned up. And that’s only one of many improvements I want to implement.