Strategic RPS

Back in 2014 I started a project to make a game ( Even though it was with the best intentions, even this project eventually got sidetracked due to circumstances.

However, a few months ago, I decided to dig it up to have another look at it. With previous projects I worked on during my education or shortly after, I got new insights, and old code started to look bad. So it was much to my surprise to find out this was not the case with this project. Sure, there were some things that could use some polishing, but the overall structure I chose back in 2014 was still sound today!

This made me happy as this is a sign the code I’m writing is getting more and more mature.

This also motivated me to continue working at it. The approach will be a bit different this time: I decided to publish a working version with as little features as possible. And then post updates if I decide to work on it again. People will be able to download and play the last version for free, but there are no promises and there is no planning for future versions. For me this is a hobby project, and this is my way of still being able to show it to the world.

Please check out the game on the official website:

For some background and technical details, check out this page on my website:

Strategic RPS