Time Management

I have the feeling I have my time pretty well managed. I feel like I have enough free time, can work on my hobbies when I need and spend enough time with friends and family.

Nevertheless, I am always open for new ways to improve myself, which was the reason I signed up for the course time management when I saw it on the Vanderlande academy website. This 16 hour training, spread out over three days gave some valuable new insights, but I’m also pleased to learn that I was on the right track.

It was also a good refresher, as there was a lot of overlap with the training effective influencing.

The main point I took from this training was educating your environment on your behavior. If you repeat a certain behavior, this is what people will expect from you in the future. If you cancel another meeting because someone planned a meeting over it, that person might not respect your other meetings in the future. But if you make clear this is not possible, that person will probably look for a free moment next time he/she wants to plan a meeting.

This is behavior I was already implementing, but in cases like this it is also good to be more conscience about your behavior, and see what effect it has on your environment.