July 2011


I’m not a big fan of social networks like hyves and facebook, but due to social pressure (:P) I am still registered.

However, not long ago I got invited for Google+. Since I am quite pleased with the Google products i tried so far, I wanted to give it a shot.

It’s not to say it turned all my believes around and turned me into a full-time social network freak like most people, but i have to say that Google+ is by far the best one I have tried. Now I just hope I can convince my friends to also make the transition, and I might even consider being active on it:D

Anyway, try it out:


And if you have a facebook account (which you probably do!), check out this link:


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Back from summerschool

I got back from the summerschool “getting Moore from multi-cores” a few days ago and I would like to spend a post about it.

The organisation of the course was wonderfull. It was this way last year, and this year, even with a lot more people attending, they still pulled it off!

First of all, the lectures were very interesting and the people that were giving them were very knowledgable. It was inspiring. After every lecture, that took about the entire morning and a few hours in the afternoon, there were a few assignments that we could do to get a better feeling about what was told in the lectures.
It was however quite tiring to concentrate for such long periods, especially when you take in account the fact that they were trying to give us enormous amounts of new information in only five days. The fact that the atmosphere was very relaxed and the people that were attending were very interested in the subject, and very easygoing, made it very doable.

Besides the lectures every lunch was organised and payed for. There was also a (quite geeky:D) pub-quiz (which our group won!=D), and a bbq.

All on all I’m very pleased about the experience, and I hope there will be new summerschools next year!

A little movie about the summerschool (if you watch very closely you can see me @ 2:18):

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