September 2011

Retro Black & White Game Pack

Yesterday I submitted my first Windows Phone game, and today it got posted in the Microsoft apps marketplace! It is not possible to give you a direct link, but if you look for “Retro Black & White Game Pack” you will find it. The publisher is named as JaLaCom.

The game is actually a combination of three simple games in one application! It contains variants on the famous games pong, snake and seesaw.

Now the game is $1.00, but I am also planning on releasing a free trial version. When the trial is done I’ll post an update on my blog.


The retro black & white game pack contains:

  • Bouncy, a fun pong-like game that allows you to play against your phone in single player mode, or against a friend in multiplayer mode.
  • Snaily, which resembles the classic snake game.
  • Plankmen, a game based on the old seesaw game. Can you reach all the points on the ceiling?

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Hightech ICT

Today I officially started my job as software developer at Hightech ICT. I’ll function as a temp, meaning other companies who temporarily need a software developer will hire Hightech ICT to provide one for them. This means I will get a lot of variation in jobs.

First I was picked up by the manager of the company. Together we drove to his home to pick up my temporary lease car (yay!). After that we headed over to the companies “head quarter”, where I was introduced to three other starters. We got a short introduction to Hightech ICT and got some nice gadgets.

After a while we drove to the company where I will be working for at least the first half year: SPS BV. We got yet another introduction and a tour around the factory, which was quite impressive. All in all a good day. with a lot of impressions. Looking forward on getting to work!

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