Creating a game

Now the webshops are all up and running, I’ve decided not to start any big commercial projects anymore for a while. The past few years, I’ve had a few ideas I want to work out, but didn’t have the time to pursue them. Now that I have created some “me-time”, it’s time to start on one of these projects.

The first project I will be working on will be a multiplayer rts game, written in Java. I don’t know any more details yet because I don’t exactly know what I will be making: The project is meant to challenge me and push me to learn more about (complex) game creation.

I did however, always wanted to make a *big* game, and started several projects, only to never finish them for different reasons (not enough time, insight, etc). Hopefully this time it will be different, and the result will be something I can be proud of, and of course something I love playing myself.

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