March 2015

Stopping with the webshops

After good consideration and discussion with my partner, we decided to put an end to the webshops we are running.
We both got the fun and learning experience we aimed for and this is enough for us.
Even though they were making a profit, this does not compare to the hard work and time we have to put into our webshops.

With this, I hope to get some time to work on my own projects for a change. I will keep this blog up to date with the progress on those.

Found and restored my old game projects

My passion for programming started when I was introduced to one of the very first versions of Gamemaker.
I thought my old projects were lost, but It turned out I still had some of them on an old harddrive.

After downloading some very old versions of Gamemaker, I was able to compile and run them. I have made a video summary of some of these projects: