January 2018

Project Collaboration

At Vanderlande I am currently the main contributor to our emulation environment. We use this environment to emulate any hardware our system might have, in an effort to make testing easier for both testers and developers.

To make testing as realistic as possible, we strive to have as many of the real software components run instead of being emulated. For the controller software developed at Veghel, this is quite easy. However, we also strive to test the software that is running on the hardware components themselves (shuttles, lifts etc). Integration with these components is a bit more difficult, as they are not developed in Veghel, and are usually not set up modular as our controller software is.

As a new challenge, I am currently taking the lead in coordinating together with some of the developers in Germany to integrate one of the new hardware components. This is a great learning experience, and also a great opportunity to increase the team building between the teams in Germany and the Netherlands.

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