March 2018

Mind Dough

Ever since I was young I was curious about the world and about how things work. I could spend hours thinking and talking about the universe and the wonders of existence itself. Now when I am older, this hasn’t changed. If anything, my interest for meta/theoretical physics has only increased.

A couple of years ago I’ve been playing with the idea of actually publishing some of the idea’s I’ve had, but never came around to it.

Only now I’ve decided to start a blog on which I will periodically share my idea’s. To add to the mysteriousness I’ve been in collaboration with a Fiverr member to create some voice overs for my work in order to also publish the pieces on YouTube.

So far, the first story is published, and I’m very proud on it. Check it out in one of the following links.


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Coaching opportunity

Since this month I’ve had a coaching opportunity at work. A young developer will start working on a relatively contained and new project. I’ve been asked to coach her in both development and software architecture. The goal is also to have some knowledge sharing to make sure she is not the only one knowing how the software works.

This is a very welcome opportunity, and I am looking forward to it. It will be a good learning experience.

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