Cultural Awareness

Recently I have been asked whether or not I would be prepared to visit other countries for work. As this sounds very interesting to me, I said yes, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to do so.

As part of preparation, I also signed up for the training about cultural awareness that Vanderlande provides.

At first, I was going there to learn more about countries like China and India. Countries with an obvious and very large culture difference with the Netherlands. I was surprised to learn however, that the culture differences between countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Great Britain is also very large!

This was one of those trainings where you think you are going to learn one thing, but you learn another. It was very interesting, and it really helped me understand on how to work together with people from other countries. Not only will I be using this for working in other continents, but also when working with my colleagues from Germany.

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