Training: Successful Presentation

The past two days I have been attending a presentation training.

Presenting is not a weakness of mine, and especially when I am into the subject and had sufficient time to prepare, I like to think I am already quite good at it!

The reason for registering for a training like this is two-fold: Firstly, I believe it is always a good idea to test your theories, especially if they are about yourself. But secondly, and maybe more importantly, I registered for this training because I had become inspired by what I saw during my PIT-Stop training.

The trainers over there were able to tell a story so naturally and so inspiring. Something that made me realize there is still a ton to learn!

The training itself was quite nice. The setting was relatively intimate (understandably, as many people also take this training in order to get over a fear of presenting) which made that there was plenty of time for feedback and practice.

Even though I did not have a concrete goal of what to improve during my training, I did leave with some quite useful tips I will continue to practice on.

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