Retro Black & White Game Pack

The Retro Black & White Game Pack is a game I wrote for two mobile device platforms: Android and Windows Phone 7. Even though it’s not available anymore, it still deserves an archive mention.

It started out as a project to try the XNA platform. The idea was to write a fun app which I could then deploy on the Windows marketplace. After finishing it for Windows Phone 7 I was working with Java for another project and I thought it would be interesting to also familiarize myself with Android. This is why I ported the game to android.

Porting the game was fairly easy besides a few details: I wanted to support multiple resolutions and I had to write a simple game engine to replace XNA.

In the end the Windows Phone 7 version was written using C# and the XNA framework. The Android version was written using java and the Android SDK.

A short trailer of the program: