3D Aquarium

One of the bigger project we did during the excellence traject was the 3D aquarium. The assignment was to make a virtual fishtank that could be displayed in the school hallway. To do this, we could use three big tv screens. In case we had spare time, we got an extra assignment to use webcams to display what happened around the corner in the hallway. By doing this, it was suppost to look like the tank was truely transparent.

Eventually we got a very big part of the fishtank running. Using C++ and OpenGL we made a virtual world in which we put fish, plants and little bubble generators. Using a shader containing a sine algorithm we could easily make it look like the fish were moving.

We also got one of the webcams to work. But due to time shortage we weren’t able to implement all of them.

In this youtube movie you can see the result of the project. In this movie the webcames are not yet implemented.

To illustrate how easy it is to change or add models, a teacher put the yellow submarine from the Beatles in the fishtank: