The HomeMade project was one of my first C# projects. During the HomeMade project we had to work together with students from the Media Design course. As technical students we decided to make a system which would support devices to connect to it, and enable a software interface to control the devices. We also wanted to add some kind of profiling system, which would personalise the room, depending on which person was inside.
The design students would take care of the design of the software interface.

As a prototype we were able to make the entire system and attach a Philips Living Colors light and a curtain that could open and close on command.
The design students also implemented a simple flash application which simulated a person going from room to room, and showing that the system could adapt on certain situations. The system was able to for example turn on the light of a person entered the room, and turn it off when the person left.
Depending on which profile was logged in, the Philips Living Colors light would change color.

The main application and interface were written in C#. The simple flash application communicated with this application using sockets.

In this movie you can see an example of the interface, the final presentation was also recorded, the quality is not great though. It can be seen in the bottom movie.