Interactive Wall

During this project we had to make a software framework which had to be able to support any kind of plugins. After we finished the design and implementation of this system we had to make one or more hardware systems which would demonstrate the working of this framework.

For the framework itself we choose to combine the plugin pattern with a pipeline pattern, making it not only possible to use plugins, but also allowing the system configurator to use data comming out of one plugin as input data of another, making the system very flexible.

As hardware we made two demonstrations. One of the systems we made was a camera system which, using two webcams could determain the position of an object in 3D space, much like the human eyes do. The second system was a little bit simpler. We put piëzo sensors under floor-tiles. This way we could measure pressure differences of this tile, allowing us to determain when someone was walking on the tiles.

The framework itself was made in C#, with several WPF interfaces and visualisations. The camera system was written in C++ and exported as a dynamic link library to serve as a plugin for the framework.

This video illustrates a bit what we did during the project. It is however a good idea to read the text above, since the video is not that clear.