The KITT project is the first real project I got to do as a student at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. The goal of the project was to program KITT in a way that it could follow a black line, manoeuver in a track without hitting any walls and drive up and down a slope with constant speed.

To enable the line folloring, KITT was equipped with LDR’s to see differences in light reflection on the surface. The black line would reflect less light then a brighter surface.
Multiple infrared distance sensors were placed around the robot to measure for collisions and preventing it from hitting walls.
Driving up and down a slope with constant speed was achieved by measuring the speed and configuring a pulse width modulator to power the engines.

All the programming was done in the language C.

At the end of the project we had to make a movie that would show the result of the project. We tried to bring it in an interesting way. The result can be seen in this youtube movie: