Video Editing

Holiday South Africa and Swaziland!

Since our last trip to Thailand was such a success, we decided to take a group trip this year as well!
Our destination was South Africa, with a few stops in Swaziland.

As tradition has it, I made a compilation video about this trip. This year I tried to find more fitting music for the video and I took some more time on editing this year, but I’m very pleased with the result:

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Holiday Thailand

Our holiday to Thailand was probably the best holiday I’ve had to date!
This time we decided to go with a group and travel around, rather than sit in a hotel.
Even though the age differences were large, we still had a very nice group to hang out with. Of course we could always fall back on our own group within the group (3 friends + me).

I again decided to make a vacation video instead of a bunch of picture. I’m happy with how it turned out:

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Eindhoven in Tilt-Shift Video Project

As a recent video project I have been playing around with the tilt shift effect.
This effect is basically a combination of high contrast video, combined with a blurring on the top and bottom third of the video, creating a miniature illusion.

The effect works best with more panoramic video. Good thing I live high up nowadays!
Because the video has a lot of small scenes, it took me more time than I would like to admit, but I had fun making it! Enjoy:

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Cuban Holiday

Recently went on a great holiday to Cuba with my friends.
As a huge amount of photo’s normally don’t captivate people, and I love editing video’s. I decided to grab all the GoPro footage we had made using the GoPro of a friend, and see what I could make.
This is the result:

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