Moved to a new home

It has certainly been a while since I last updated my blog (luckily I can secretly add some backdated posts to get back on track), but it has been quite a hectic period recently.

Among other things, I have been moving to a different apartment, which is taxing enough. Coincidentally, the apartment came available during a period I had already planned a vacation to Morocco. In the end, I was able to combine the two, but it certainly was a stressful period.

Of course moving always requires a lot of work to be done on the new home, which was the reason I had less time for writing and coding in my free time.

Now I am happy to report that I am all settled and ready to get back to work on my hobbies. I am already hard at work on writing a new article for Mind Dough and am also working on a new version for strategic RPS. Stay tuned!