Mind Dough

As I’ve always been interested in philosophy (especially about the metaphysical), I decided to dedicate a second blog to this subject: Mind Dough.

Strategic RPS

Strategic RPS (or strategic rock paper scissors) is a space based multiplayer real time strategy game. I started this project as somewhat of a showcase for my programming experience. It is updated regularly and free to download on its website.


Next to my working experience and recommendations I like to keep my LinkedIn profile updated with all my public and professional projects, publications and achievements.

Code Project

When I discover something interesting, I like to write about it. Of course this also holds for my main passion: programming. I have published a couple of articles on several subjects. They can be found on my Code Project account.


When Facebook was still very popular, so was blogging. However, I have always wanted to separate my “professional” or “public” blog from the one I share with friends. My blog can be found on this website, and is still up to date (most of the time).


An overview of my publications, both on programming and other subjects that caught my attention/interest.