Strategic RPS

Strategic RPS (or strategic rock paper scissors) is a space based multiplayer real time strategy game.

I started this project as somewhat of a showcase for my programming experience. Nowadays, there are a lot of tools and engines that make it a lot easier to create a game. And even with those there are plenty of challenges. However, as this is a showcase, I decided to start with almost nothing at all. To challenge myself even more, I created the game in Java, as this is a language I don’t usually use in my professional life.

The game

The game is based on a portal that can send limited mass at a time. For now, the player can choose between three ships to be send through the portal: a red (rock), a purple (paper) or a green (scissors) ship.

As you might guess, red ships defeat green ships, green ships defeat purple ships and purple ships defeat red ships.

Enemy ships are blue before it is discovered what type of ship it is. Discovering a ship is done by firing on such a ship.

For more information and a download link, please visit

Under the hood

Language Java
Used frameworks Guava, Slick2D
Collision detection QuadTree (Self implemented)
Networking Client/Server based (Self implemented), peer to peer for server redundancy (Work in progress)
Network protocol Lobby: TCP/IP, Game: UDP. Message protocol self implemented
Simulation calculation Fixed point math (Self implemented)
Physics Standard physics equations (Self implemented)

The main argument for making these choices was to challenge myself and to showcase my experience.